First Post

Howdy, and welcome to the Backhouse Blog. This page will be where I can cut loose a little, and go on in more length & detail than I can on our Facebook page. I figured this is a good place for you to get to know me/us better, learn some stuff, and have some of my lighthearted, whacky fun. So to begin, who are we & what’s it all about?

Short answer, Ron & June Wright, specialty Italian style coffee beverages, tea, and assorted baked goods. Beyond that, it’s all part of the Ron Wright adventure. About 30 years ago when I was in my 20’s, I was involved with a gourmet pastry shop. And it was during that time that my taste & knowledge of specialty coffee & tea was developing. It was from that time at the shop, that the idea of having my own coffee house started. After 25 years of playing with the idea of what I wanted it to be, it was really impressed upon me that NOW is the time to do it. So after a couple of years of research & planning, buying the house here at 901 W. 4th St. and everything else that goes along with a venture like this, here we are.

Our top priorities here are excellent customer service and excellent products. Which is why we chose to partner up with Kobrick coffee from NYC. They’ve been small-batch roasting & consulting with coffee shops like ours since 1920. Their experience is invaluable. We’ve also made it a point to address the needs of the area’s tea-drinking community too. Using brands like Steven Smith, Simpson & Vail, and rishi has given us a solid base for our tea program. Add to that pastry made in house, and you have all the makings for a wonderful experience.

Which brings us to here & now. We look forward to having you stop on in & chat, hang out, or even get some work done. Soak in the restored Victored atmosphere. And relax.

Have a great day.